condition monitoring device / for bearings / lubrication / ultrasound
SDT200 SDT Ultrasound Solutions



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    for bearings, lubrication

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The SDT200 ultrasound detector provides greater insight into the health of your assets. It helps you control energy costs, predict failures, improve product quality and increase overall production uptime. With your SDT ultrasound solution, you have the ability to predict and prevent failures before they occur. Stop relying on the reactive, fire-fighting maintenance measures of the past and start a proactive approach.

With ultrasonic technology you can avoid the three common errors of bearing lubrication.

Error No.1: period-based lubrication

There are many parameters influencing equipment's need for grease (load, environment, temperature, etc.). It is crucial that all these factors are considered, not just a "timing" component based on a theoretical calculation.

Error No.2: over and under greasing

The second mistake to be avoided at all costs is to use too much or too little lubricant. Both actions lead to wear or premature breakage of the bearing, in the first case because of elevated temperature and friction, the second through metal-to-metal contact. Extended under-lubrication will cause the bearing to seize, and may lead to even more serious machinery damage.

Error No.3: using ultrasound solely in listening mode

Simply listening, without taking measurements and recordings, is certainly too subjective, and cannot be recommended. Operator hearing varies, with significant risk of recording transcription errors (measurement, grease type, etc.). Only comparative analysis of the status of the bearing, before and after greasing, is truly objective.