gas leak detector / ultrasonic / portable / explosion-proof
SDT270 SDT Ultrasound Solutions



  • Detected fluid:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    portable, explosion-proof, with headphone, with digital display

  • Applications:

    for small leaks, for industry, for gas pipes


Leak Detection with the SDT270 : Locate Leaks. Save Energy. Maximize Uptime.

The SDT270 Leak Surveyor Kit provides a complete solution for compressed air leak programs. Locating compressed air leaks in an environment that is extremely noisy is best accomplished through the use of an ultrasound detector. The SDT270 Leak Surveyor Kit's design improves safety and simplicity and adds fun on the job. When choosing accessories for this kit, attention to comfort and safety come first.

The leak surveyor kit comes with sensors that ensure that all leaks are found and tagged without compromising safety for the operator. The SDT270 comes with an internal airborne sensor, that is great at locating simple to reach leaks common in most compressed air systems. The default sensor turns on automatically when the instrument is turned on, and is available in the ATEX certified version under Directive 94/9/EC: II 1 G Ex ia IIC T3/T2 Ga.

SDT270 Ultrasound Features:

- Measures ultrasound, vibration, RPM, humidity and temperature from one instrument
- Two channel inputs to connect ultrasound and multifunction sensors with accessories simultaneously
- Unmatched accuracy and repeatability for reliable trending and analysis in ultrasound detection and measurements
- Upgradable firmware to grow with your needs
- Planned and Conditional Survey modes to guide you logically through your plant
- Device and software available in six languages (EN, FR, DU, GE, ES, IT)
- IP-addressable to access Internet support and training