rack-mount enclosure / modular / custom / design
OneStor™ SP-2584 Seagate



  • Construction:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    custom, design

  • Application:

    data, cooling, monitoring, storage

  • Protection level:


  • Width:

    483 mm

  • Height:

    220 mm

  • Depth:

    933 mm


OneStor™ SP-2584Assuring Robust Data AvailabilityThrough its intelligent Unified System Management (USM), OneStor safeguards dataand ensures maximum availability. Users are able to leverage fault diagnosis andresolution capabilities, persistent error logging and monitoring. In addition, OneStorprovides high availability features such as dual redundant PSUs, N+1 coolingmodules, dual I/O modules and dual data paths to all drives.Customizing to Meet OEM Specific RequirementsOEMs can easily tailor each OneStor platform to meet end product requirements,including colored plastics, custom moldings, labeling, logo printing and productpackaging.• 5U rack-mount enclosure stores up to 3 petabytes of data per rack, saving spacein the data center• Certified 80 PLUS Gold (optional 90 PLUS Platinum) efficient power conversionand adaptive cooling technology reduces power and cooling costs• Data center space savings + power and cooling cost savings = exceptionally lowtotal cost of ownership• Ultra-dense, with up to 84 3.5” form factor SAS and/or SATA hard disk drives orsolid state drives per 5U enclosure• Unique drawer design provides the highest density per rack unit in the industry,with easy access to hot swap drives• Over 500 terabytes in 5U using 6 terabyte enterprise HDDs (8TB drives availablein 1H15)• Expansion capability up to 336 drives Dual 6Gb SAS I/O modules with integraldata path redundancy• Maximum of 14.4 GB/s in a dual controller configuration