insulation tester / for high-voltage / cabling / for electrical installations
T 99-1 SebaKMT



  • Test type:

    insulation, for high-voltage

  • Tested product:

    cabling, for electrical installations

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, portable


The high voltage test unit T99/1 is a portable and powerful test device able to generate a DC voltage of up to 40 kV. The T 99/1 is used for testing of cables, cable accessories, plant and installations. Because of the short-circuit proof design and high output current of the T 99/1, this is device is also suitable for cable fault location (in conjunction with a TDR unit).

Key benefits:
Ideal for field application because of its low weight and compact design
High safety due to internal discharge facility
High flexibility with the external battery
Over-current tripping

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