pressure monitoring system / flow / water / pipe



  • Type:

    flow, pressure

  • Applications:

    water, pipe

  • Other characteristics:

    online, GPRS


for preventing pipe bursts in water pipelines!

The TMM system consists of the three already successfully used individual components GT-3 (GSM transmitter), N-3-Hydro (data logger) and the PAM
Hydro-3 (highly sensitive hydrophone sensor).
The system can be installed in the maintenance shaft of your pipeline within minutes with relative ease. For measuring with the PAM Hydro-3 hydrophone
sensors you need access to the water column.

The measuring procedure is simple:
The N-3-Hydro data logger receives and saves the measurement data via the connecting line on the hydrophone. Depending on the measuring period
programmed, the GT-3 then transmits the saved data to the SebaCloud web software via GPRS.

Quick and easy to programme
Short installation times
Measurement Parameters can be configured remotely