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Shell-end milling cutter / with replaceable insert / plunge / high feed rate
R217 series SECO TOOLS


  • Geometry:


  • Construction:

    with replaceable insert

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    high feed rate, 2-flute

  • Diameter :

    Min.: 20 mm

    Max.: 200 mm


In order to remove large quantities of material, plunging was invented. In applications where a long overhang is required, plunging is especially adapted. 3D milling is an example of this.

Standard plunging cutters were first introduced to the market by Seco who now have the broadest range available on the market and the longest experience in the field.

Normally, where large overhangs are concerned, the cutting data has to automatically be reduced in order to prevent deflection of the tool. This will often lead to vibrations, inferior dimensional accuracy and a poor surface finish. High cutting data can be achieved at overhangs, however, due to the plunging cutter's principal of operation. This is considerably greater than in conventional operations.


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