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High-speed boring head / fine / precision
EPB 620/780/790 series SECO TOOLS


  • Options:

    fine, precision, high-speed

  • Diameter :

    Min.: 15 mm

    Max.: 205 mm


From the Radial Type series of fine boring heads by SECO, the A790 and A780 are capable of micrometric customization within 2.5 µm on the diameter protected by the head contact and insert holder for greater stability. The A790 features a 15 - 205mm diameter range and is equipped with 9 pre-balanced boring heads. On the other hand, it is also equipped with a 30 - 115 diameter range and 5 balanced fine boring heads. Both models can go as fast as 1500 m/min, protected by a coolant near the head insert. Users can choose between Seco-Capto and Graflex connection.


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