Atmosphere generator for heat treatment processes
10 - 120 m³/h SECO/WARWICK Sp. z o.o.

Endothermic atmospheres generators produced by SECO/WARWICK ThermAL S.A.:

Normally used to produce carrier atmospheres for thermal treatment processes (carburizing, carbonitriding) as well as protective atmospheres, protecting against the oxidation and surface de-carbonization during the bright hardening of annealing processes.
The generators are available as gas fired or electrically heated versions.
The generators have the option of having either air or water cooling for the atmosphere.

SECO/WARWICK ThermAL S.A. atmosphere generators offer:

Easy access for heating elements replacement
Full control of the atmosphere carbon potential
Atmosphere gas cooling options are available using either air or water (ENE(G) type generators do not require a water supply)
Accurate retort temperature control and carbon potential control.


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