Vacuum induction melting furnace (VIM)

Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) furnaces are produced in cooperation with Retech Systems LLC, which pioneered the design and engineering of equipment that produced the first single-crystal turbine blades of nickel based super-alloys. This advancement in processing has changed the economics of using natural gas of the generation of electric power.
Retech has 40 year track record with VIM technology. This experience has resulted in proven performance in process control and maintenance.

The VIM is not only a reliable piece of equipment, it is very versatile and can be used for producing a wide range of materials, including special alloys cast for high value, critical parts such as golf club heads, aerospace parts, automotive parts, and other equipment that need special mechanical properties for successful operation. Our VIM furnaces can create single crystal, equiaxed crystal or directionally solidified parts for any application.

Process applications:
* Equiaxed/Directional Solidification
* Single crystal casting
* Electrode casting

* Combination DS/SC/Equiax equipment offers industry's fastest process conversion
* Multi-zone mold heaters
* One- or two-axis precision pouring (auto teach, profile and constant volume)
* Precision temperature measurement (OPTO-TC)
* Closed loop solidification control
* Door-mounted furnace melt box assemblies
* Horizontal bar feeder assembly includes X-Y motion control for simultaneous loading of bars and liners or alternate bar loading via rotation
* Unmanned startup and/or shutdown of vacuum equipment (Sentry package)
* Video systems provide improved process monitoring and control


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