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Graphmaster SECO/WARWICK



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Developed by SECO/WARWICK - one of the world’s leading
manufacturers of heat processing equipment and a technology leader
With our fully equipped research and development facility and cooperation with the academic centers in Europe, we are able to
provide innovative solutions not offered anywhere else in the world. The Group is made up of companies located in five countries on
three continents, and we sell our products worldwide. We supply our equipment to customers involved in steel, titanium and
aluminum production as well as aluminum recycling, forging, automotive, aerospace, commercial heat treating, HVAC/R,
electronics, wind energy, medical equipment and nuclear industries.
For wide range of industrial
and R&D applications
Working temperature up to 1200°C
Substrate formats up to 500 x 500 mm (larger reactors on request)
Ability to load multiple levels of substrate in one batch
Growth of graphene on 3d objects
Flexible control system and intuitive HMI