gas quenching furnace / oil quenching / hardening / chamber
CaseMaster Evolution SECO/WARWICK



  • Function:

    gas quenching, oil quenching, hardening

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:



PreNitLPC9 + FineCarb as an equipment of furnaces type CaseMaster Evolution in comparison to controlled-atmosphere furnaces type Sealed Quench allow for:
- Shorter carburizing cycle time because ci very high carbon transition into the workload & high dissociation rate in the pertinent temperature ranges of up to 1Q50°C
- Greater repeatability results in terms of parts and workloads
- No CO,GO. emission, no exhaust hoods, lack of atmosphere to utilize
- No Endothermic generators
- No furnace idling periods, quick start up & shut off of the furnace,
- Process Eearibility
- Workplace safety improvement due to lack of flammable process gases
- Clean, non-toxic work environment
- Easy & intuitive process control