Tube radiant heater
TOP series SECOMAT chauffage


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Indirect fired radiant tube heaters
To heat whole buildings or specific areas in large buildingsTOP-serie
Can be installed at heights between 4 and 9 M according to model, suspended or wall mounted inclined at 30 °.
Directly heats personnel and objects without any energy loss in the air
Heat silently with no air movement
Propane gas or natural gas burners via automatic electrode ignition and tranformer ignition
Ionization flame security control
A mechanical smoke extractor with differential pressotat
Controlled via a mains switch, room thermostat, sensor
thermostat, clock , timer, or central control panel (options)
Supplied in 230 V single phase
Top 20, 30 & 45 V: simple evacuation via the roof
Top 20 V, 30 V and 45 V: simple evacuation via the roof, or with a concentric exhaust through the wall or the roof


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