Diaphragm valve / air-operated / stainless steel
DN 4 - 100, max. 10 bar | Series KMD SED Flowcontrol


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  • Material:

    stainless steel


The KMD-series diaphragm valve has several distinctive features. It has a plain, easy-to-clean surface area. Its diaphragm is completely enclosed and has an extremely versatile suspension system. It is designed in clean lines to facilitate applications involving highly pure, hygienic materials.

It helps accomplish these operations not least because of its self-draining mechanism. It is engineered such that the medium being processed has no contact with the valve. The valve's working area is completely isolated from the product area. Its design cuts down on deadleg and is CDSA-compliant. The valve can be cleaned easily and compatible with CIP/SIP cleaning systems.

The diaphragm is EPDM/PTFE. Area in contact with medium is electro-polished Ra (0.8-0.25 µm). Connections are flanges, butt-welding, clamps. Customizing options available.


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