Diaphragm valve / manually-operated / stainless steel
DN 4 - 100, max. 10 bar | Series Steripur SED Flowcontrol

The series Steripur is characterized by compact design, valve actuation totally made of stainless steel and the closed smooth exterior surface which is easy to clean.

Because of its features, the diaphragm valve is preferably used for hygienic and high purity processes

Reasons for that are:
• Self draining
• Minimized deadleg
• Minimal contact surface of process media
• Complete seperation of product area from valve mechanism
• CDSA design. efficient cleaning and CIP/SIP-able
• Appropriate certifications

• Media contacting surface: Ra 0,8 - 0,25µm electro polished
• Diaphragm materials: EPDM or PTFE
• Connections: Butt weld ends, clamps, flanges or customized


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