Diaphragm valve / multi-channel
DN08 - 100 | Series KMA & Steripur SED Flowcontrol


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SED Flow Control Multiport Valves feature a unique design that incorporates the CAD-CAM system. This is to deliver a high-profit solution while providing high flexibility to the product.

These multi-port valves have a compact construction that generates a small envelope dimension. The design is made by Steripur Series actuators. They can be combined with many different nominal diameters and at the same time, have an enhanced drainability. They reduce surface contact, hold up volume to avoid cross contamination of the product. These valves reduce fittings, tubing and field welds in the system

SED delivers a full-on cooperation with its clients to achieve the preferred valve specifications. All other connections and accessories are made available based on the customer’s design. They also reduce qualification and validation documentation requirements for faster transaction.


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