Multi-port diaphragm valve
DN08 - 100 | Series KMA & Steripur SED Flowcontrol

Multiport Valves

Innovative conceptual designs and modern machining capabilities are integrated through the CAD-CAM system creating profitable individual solutions with a high degree of flexibility. A prerequisite for this is an operational structure which supports a close relationship between sales, engineering and manufacturing. With a high vertical range of manufacturing at its factory, SED is in an excellent position to meet these challenging market needs. The continuous innovative development of multiport block valve products is a main focus of SED.

The ideal benefit for you, our customer, is achieved through active and cooperative teamwork of both parties during the design and specification of the valves. This refers especially to the process requirements dictated by the P&IDs for proper flow direction, drainability and installation restraints.

The Advantages at a Glance:

- Customers specific design
- Compact design and smaller envelope dimension is achievable with the Steripur
Series actuators
- Combination of many different nominal diameters
- Optimized drainability
- Minimized dead leg
- Reduces surface contact, hold up volume and cross contamination of the product
- Reduction of fittings, tubing and field welds in the system
- Reduces qualification and validation documentation requirements
- All end connections and materials are available according to the customers


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