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color matching software suite / quality control / for color control / laboratory
SeeLab® GX Seelab



  • Function:

    color matching, quality control

  • Applications:

    for color control, laboratory

  • Operating system:



With SeeLab® GX, match, produce and control all colors, even with effects
On the production line of your product, any Quality Control out of tolerances has consequences: deadline extension of putting conformity, cost of material to be added, even waste of production time if the correction fails. To eliminate these risks and enable you to produce right, SeeLab® has designed the software GX for spectrocolorimetric anaylsis.

GX QC – The Color Quality Control: whatever your colors are with or without effect, opaque/transparent or translucent, GX QC controls it compared to a standard. It quantifies gaps in chromatic values (L*a*b*C*h°) whatever the selected angles measurement.

GX PROD – The Quality Control with Integrated Correction on Production Lines: in addition to GX QC, GX PROD integrates a batch management with a correction of batches including real produced quantities.

GX MATCH – The Color-Matching and Correction in the laboratory: create your own database to characterize optical constants of all the colored raw materials (with or without effects) like varnish, solvent, pigments, aluminum, pearl… Then, start the matching by choosing optimal criteria (materials, metamerism, price, DE* regarding angles…). You could fix several physical criteria like UV resistance or pigment loading.