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air filter / sleeve / pleated / high-temperature
X-600 Sefar



  • Designed for:


  • Filtration element:


  • Other characteristics:

    pleated, high-temperature, rugged, for powders


Our pleated elements are used as a final filter stage in micronizer bag houses at the end of the titanium dioxide pigment extraction process. They can be used in any high temperature filtration application (≤ 260 °C / 500 °F).
The X-600 is a unique, patented, pleated filter used in finishing of titanium dioxide pigment and other applications.
It surpasses the performance of any regular bags on the market and can increase service life by more than 100%. Outstanding results of 54 months have been shown for product lifetime. This represents the longest lifetime for any micronizer bag house lifetime in the world.
This success is mainly due to a heavy duty assembly, using the Sefar patented alumina potting system to seal the end caps. The larger surface area from the pleats of the X-600, as compared to conventional bags, allows for significantly increased productivity and lifetime.