exhaust gas analyzer / gas / temperature / portable
Chemist 600 Seitron SpA



  • Measured entity:

    exhaust gas, gas

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Chemist 600 are portable emissions and combustion analyzers with two main features:

-From 1 up to 6 single gas measuring cells
-Same housing, LCD and keypad as Chemist 500

-15 single gas cells combinations can generate hundreds of different versions
-Precalibrated and field replaceable gas cells
-Choice of many different gas sampling probes
-External water trap with dust filter
-Sucking pump / second dilution pump to allow CO measurements up to 100.000 ppm
-Integral thermal printer
-Wide colour LCD, with backlight. 10 preprogrammed languages
-Rubber holster with magnets
-Lithium ions rechargeable batteries
-12 preprogrammed fuels + 16 more user programmable
-Memory up to 500 complete analysis
-Measurement of flue gas , external and ambient air temperatures
-Positive, negative and differentail pressure measurement
-USB output
-Bluetooth connectivity, Class 1 < 100 m
-Dimensions 310x90x60 mm , weight 1.1 kg
-Compliant with EN 50379-1 and EN 50379-2 standards