pneumatic conveyor / for bulk materials / belt-driven / tubular



  • Technology:


  • Product transported:

    for bulk materials

  • Other characteristics:

    belt-driven, tubular, horizontal, curved, for heavy loads


Based on an original idea combining know-how and technical innovation, this handling system makes it possible not only to preserve the environment but also to protect the product conveyed.

The tubular conveyor can be used to convey all types of products in bulk, from the finest to the coarsest, with a tube diameter two and a half times greater than the maximum grain size.

The types of materials which can be conveyed by the tubular conveyor are extremely varied and currently include various sorts of materials of a powdery nature (cements, ash, fly ash, etc.) or otherwise (coal, coke, ore, limestone, gypsum, sludge, fertiliser, sugar, wood chips, etc.).