closed-loop Hall effect current sensor / magneto-resistive / DIN rail / fixed
T201DCH100 | transducer 0..10 V AO, UL SENECA | Automation Interfaces



  • Technology:

    closed-loop Hall effect, magneto-resistive

  • Mounting:

    DIN rail, fixed

  • Electrical characteristics:

    AC, DC

  • Other characteristics:

    precision, high-accuracy


T201DCH100 is an isolated, contact-less loop powered AC/DC current transducer with very compact size (overall dimensions less than 96,5 x 68 x 26 mm). The device function and look is very similar to those of an active standard CT, but with the remarkable feature of measuring the TRMS DC and AC component of the current. For its electrical endurance, ease of use and compact dimensions, the T201DCH100 transducer fit every kind of current measurement up to 100 Adc/Aac and several applications (batteries , battery chargers, solar panels, power units, dc and ac loads etc.).

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