crawler crane / boom / lattice / for construction
630 HD SENNEBOGEN Maschinenfabrik GmbH



  • Configuration:


  • Structure:

    boom, lattice

  • Operating environment:

    for construction

  • Other characteristics:

    hydraulic, diesel-powered, lifting, for heavy-duty applications, materials handling

  • Lift capacity:

    30 t (33 us ton)

  • Working height:

    35.5 m (116'05")


The SENNEBOGEN HD crawler 630 is a high-performance vehicle for casing machines and drill grabs to DN 1200. It is a good choice for multiple operations and can drag buckets up to 2.1m³ with ease, and curtains up to 10 tons.

Other applications include excavations or material handling with clamshell or orange peel grabs and a work life capacity up to 30 tons. The maximum main boom length of this vehicle is 32.7m.