hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker / single-pole / 2-pole / 3-pole
IELR Series Sensata Technologies



  • Type:


  • Electrical characteristics:

    single-pole, 2-pole, 3-pole, 4-pole

  • Other characteristics:

    DIN rail


Designed specifically for the 35mm symmetrical DIN rail, Airpax IALHR, IULHR and IELHR series Rail-Mount Magnetic circuit protectors offer the advantages of quick and easy mounting or removal which results in efficient and economical wiring, while conserving space.

These circuit protectors are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 pole models, with a choice of handle colors with on/off and international I/O markings. These protectors comply with UL and CSA standards and meet IEC and VDE spacing requirements. Typical applications include computers and peripherals, telecommunications, medical equipment, machine tools and process control instrumentation. They provide the reliable performance associated with magnetic circuit protection.

Mounting - These circuit protectors are designed to mount on standard 35mm DIN rails, such as 35x7.5 or 35x15 per DIN EN50022. Other specialty rails are available from suppliers that provide a means of mounting non DIN mount components by means of special captive jam nuts.