Object detection vision sensor
VISOR® V10-OB-A1 Series SensoPart Industriesensorik GmbH


  • Applications:

    for object detection


Often it happens that some objects have complex shapes which maybe come in unexpected position. This might not be detected by a standard switching sensor as it would not know what to do. The VISOR object detection sensor from the house of SensoPart can always keeps track of everything that is going on. It catches any defective part, or any part in a wrong position , wrong angular orientation or sequence or a all of these problems combined the sensor can immediately track it. It has the greatest accuracy in detecting positions as well as orientation.

The VISOR is truly one of its kind with its high processor power, expanded field of view and Bright LED illuminations. It can easily master all kind of current imaging processing tasks. It has overall 5 detectors along with a position detection, pattern detection, contour detection, brightness detection, grey threshold detection and a contrast detection.

The position tracking lets the detection be reliable of the above features even when sometimes they are not repeatedly and accurately placed in the taught in position.


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