smart vision sensor / infrared / for presence detection / for defect detection
VISOR® Solar SensoPart Industriesensorik GmbH



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    for presence detection, for defect detection, for solar cells

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SensoPart has expanded its range of vision sensors with the VISOR® Solar in order to combat rising cost pressure in the production of solar cells. The compact sensor detects the Position and any damage to wafers and cells. It allows robots to pick up and lay down wafers accurately. Wafers and solar cells with fine breakouts can be directly rejected during this step, before they can completely break up and damage other material.

These sensors can also be integrated in existing lines – as easily as a light barrier. Before a cell is printed, the sensor checks it for
damage that could lead to breakage during the print process, preventing costly machine breakdowns.

- Simple integration
- Precise position detection
- Detection of Edge defects
- Detection of holes
- Transport belts can be masked via software
- Short cycle time from 60 ms
- Reliable operation, even in daylight
- No backlight necessary
- Low space requirement: operating distance from 360 mm