Object detection vision sensor
736 x 480 px | VISOR® V10-OB-A1 Series SENSOPART


  • Application:

    for object detection


Objects with complex shapes and details that also occasionally turn up in unexpected positions – a classic switching sensor would be totally out of its depth with such detection tasks. Not the VISOR® object detection sensor from SensoPart: it always keeps track of everything, instantaneously detecting defective parts and parts in the wrong position, angular orientation or sequence (or a combination of all of these). With its highly accurate detection of position and orientation, the VISOR® is one of the best in its class. With its high processor power, its expanded field-of-view (Wide VGA) and its very bright LED illumination, it masters almost all current image-processing tasks.
Five detectors plus position detection
Pattern comparison, contour detection, brightness detection, grey threshold detection and contrast detection. Position tracking allows reliable detection of such features even if they are not accurately and repeatedly in the taught-in position. All evaluations take place relative to the current part position and orientation. You can also master demanding pick-and-place applications with this powerful tool!


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