Exhaust flow meter (PEMS)
SEMTECH EFM-HS Sensors Europe

High Speed Sampling: The EFM-HS internally samples the differential pressure channels at up to 2500 Hz, accounting for every pressure pulse from an engine, from idle to maximum rpm. Standard output rate is 5 Hz.
Embedded Calibration: Calibration coefficients embedded in the flow tube electronics are automatically recognized on connection, enabling multiple tubes to be used with one control module.
Multiple Tube Sizes: Eight flow tube sizes accommodate engines from less than 0.8L displacement up to 24L.
Back Purge: A software controlled back purge pump is included in the flow tube assembly along with solenoids that route high pressure air backward through the pitot tube, purging contaminants and any condensation in the pressure lines. No dismantling is required.
Auto Zero: With a single software command, internal solenoids open the pressure sensors to ambient air, allowing fast and easy zeroing while the engine is still operating.
Weatherproof Construction: The unit can be used off-road and in other harsh environments. All components are weatherproof to IP54 (NEMA 3) standards.
Heated Components: The averaging pitot tube and pressure lines are heated at the flow tube assembly in order to prevent condensation and freezing in cold weather. The differential pressure sensors are housed in a temperature controlled manifold in the control module for added stability.


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