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Differential-pressure flow meter / for exhaust gas / in-line
SEMTECH EFM-HS Sensors Europe


  • Technology:


  • Fluid:

    for exhaust gas

  • Mounting:



EFM-HS is a system that is able to internally sample differential pressure channels, at frequencies of up to 2,500Hz, accounting for every pressure pulse from the engine from idle to the maximum rotational speed. In addition to this, the standard output rate is 5Hz, while the system also benefits from embedded calibration, with the coefficients embedded in the flow tube being automatically recognized when the connection is established. This process enables the use of multiple tubes using a single control module.

There are no less than eight tube flow sizes, which accommodate engines from less than 0.8 to 24L. The software-controlled back purge pump is included in the flow tube assembly along with solenoids, while there is no dismantling required for this item. The single software command and internal solenoids allow fast and easy zeroing, even when the engine is operating.


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