Coaxial heat exchanger / liquid/liquid / gas/liquid
Sentry Equipment Corp


  • Type:


  • Fluid:

    liquid/liquid, gas/liquid

  • Operating pressure:

    345 bar (5003.8 psi)

  • Temperature:

    11 °F (-11.67 °C)


Helical Coil Heat Exchanger

Single tube helical coil heat exchangers are well suited for OEM applications including oil coolers, sump coolers, sample coolers and other high pressure, high temperature, low flow applications.

* Pressure ratings up to 5000 psi (345 bar)
* Temperature ratings up to 1100°F (593°C)
* Compact and lightweight
* No dead spots or crevices
* Highly resistant to thermal and pressure shock
* Removable shell on most models
* Standard 316 Stainless Steel tube-side construction with other exotic materials available
* ASME "U" stamp available


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