Monitoring acoustic sensor / underwater
LISST-ABS Sequoia Scientific


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Output: Backscatter signal strength in decibels as volts or digital value (formula provided for conversion to concentration)
Sample Volume Location: 5.5 cm from sensor face.
Operating Frequency: 8MHz
Tolerant to biofouling
Calibration over 30-400 micron sizes: flat to within ±30%; [compare with ±400% for optical turbidity sensors]
Calibration for fine particles below 30 microns: response follows d^1.5
Analog, SDI-12 and Digital (RS232) outputs available on the underwater connector

The LISST-ABS is a fixed-point monitoring sensor. It uses a new and novel technique to internally compensate for geometric beam spreading and attenuation, yielding de-attenuated backscatter signal strength. It is held pointing into flow for low drag.


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