hydraulic cylinder / double-acting / clamping



  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Force:

    Max.: 250 kN

    Min.: 85 kN


The PHL is used for lateral clamping of relatively flat dies, as well as dies with a low-profiled edge. In most cases, the item is used on the bolster, but some cases may require using it on the ram as well. The clamping height varies by the height of the mounting block on which the clamp is installed, and there are several units that can be lined up, achieving a clamping force or distributing the desired clamping points.

The lateral fixed clamp and the availability of several units combined in a line are major advantages, while the clamping height is variable through the height of the mounting block. Next, the item can also be used on ram, especially if the stroke is controlled electronically, while the maximum operation temperature supported is of 70 degrees Celsius.