linear actuator / electric / aluminum
Vertical LinearBeam SERAPID



  • Movement:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Speed:

    Min.: 0 m/s (0 ft/s)

    Max.: 0.63 m/s (2.066929134 ft/s)


The LinearBeam mechanical linear actuator is a concept that uses SERAPID rigid chain technology. It is like a beam, composed of a drive casing, an active chain guide in the upper part, a magazine chain guide, and a rigid chain.
The compact and powerful LinearBeam actuator is designed to move heavy loads over long strokes, it is easy to build into your machines and civil systems.

Its reliability, strength, compactness and power make it especially suitable for new build or retro-fit lifts under the 2006/42/EC directive.

Specifications and benefits:

• A simple and robust design guaranteeing a long service life and use in difficult environments where other technologies cannot be used (Clean room, dusty, high and low temperatures, high humidity, high radiation, chemically aggressive, etc.)

• Highly compact single block beam concept offering easy installation (ready-to-install modules) in existing environments, machines or buildings.

• The load is only exerted on the ground and not on any other structures (walls, ceilings, etc.).

• No machinery room or pit

• No compression when loads move on and off the platform

• Very low servicing and requirement

• Accuracy and repeatability of positioning up to +/- 1 mm, irrespective of the load

• Sealed drive casing, service life of about 250,000 cycles with a 3 metre stroke
(contact us for longer service life)

• A wide choice of standard options and accessories

• Motorisation: standardised electric

Stroke: up to 25m
Speed: up to 630mm/sec.
Self-guiding and self-supporting
Load: from 500 to 2,500 kg depending on the system