tilting rod clamp
60 - 100 kN | TB90 SERAPID

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tilting rod clamp tilting rod clamp - 60 - 100 kN | TB90


The TB90 Tilting Rod Clamp is incorporated either in the front or rear position in a press bolster or ram. A U-shaped slot is on the front and rear sides of the die and the clamping rod fits into this. To hold it in position, the die is pulled against the ram or bolster in the same way as all rod clamps.

The TB90's clamping rod is tilted forward in the released state to a completely horizontal position. This clears the path so that the die is able to pass under or over it. The rod springs back to the clamping position when the opening hydraulic pressure has been taken away in order for a newly positioned die to be gripped.