hydraulic clamp / manual / for T slot



  • Type:

    hydraulic, manual

  • Applications:

    for T slot

  • Clamping force:

    Min.: 20 kN

    Max.: 100 kN


The PSH is a type of C-Clamp suitable for dies with a flat edge. The device is placed on a T-profiled base forming a bracket device. The clamp head can be mounted permanently in the press. The piston is moved out hydraulically while gripping the die at its edge. By returning the piston with a spring, the clamp is opened. The clamping height can be configured individually on the height of the base piece or by a customized spacer.

The PSH is suited on bolster and ram. The operating temperature ranges up to 70 °C. The viton seal operates on a 70 °C to 160 °C temperature, available optionally.