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industrial decanter / floating / horizontal



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The floating decanter SGSBR type is a decanter unit properly designed for Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR), that allows to discharge settled water from the tank.
It is mainly composed of:
- a floating channel with adjustable weir;
- discharge pipes located at the bottom of the floating channel;
- an outlet channel to collect and discharge clarified water;
- a hinged scum stop floating pipe system that prevents scum from entering the decanter;
- watertight supports for outlet channel;
- support with column rod and control and operation system driven by square thread screw;
- a sturdy electric actuator;
- wall anchored supports for the discharge pipe support.
When the equipment is in “stand-by” position the weir of floating decanter SGSBR type is located few centimetres above the maximum water level in the tank.