water analyzer / oxygen / trace / concentration



  • Measured entity:

    water, oxygen

  • Measured value:

    trace, concentration

  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    ATEX, monitoring, process, colorimetric


The DF-340E uses highly stable Coulometric sensing designed to provide measurements of trace or percent level O2 in pure gas streams and multi-gas backgrounds. Designed for heated or external locations, and certified to CSA Class I, Div II and the latest ATEX specifications, the DF-340E remains stable in changing sample and flow rate conditions, making it ideal for upset prone conditions.

Suitable for outdoor installation, the DF-340E comes with NEMA 4-rated sensor enclosure options.This makes the DF-340E ideal for applications including pressure swing absorber N2 skids, reactor process control, blanketing and inerting or refining / petrochemical process monitoring.

This device is also optimized to deliver a reduced cost of ownership over product life, thanks to its factory calibrated sensing technology. This simplifies set-up and reduces ongoing maintenance, with only an annual SPAN calibration required.