oxygen analyzer / trace / portable / monitoring



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    monitoring, compact, process


The DF-550E is designed to deliver ultra-trace measurements of O2 as a contaminant in ultra-high purity electronic gases. With the highly sensitive 200 ppt LDL delivering superior analytical headroom, the DF-550E’s fast response provides sensitive and dependable process monitoring.

Suitable for use with multiple background gases, the DF-550E is unaffected by sample and flow rate changes, making it ideal for upset prone conditions. Portability is optimized via a hand carry portable option and compact calibration system which can be integrated into the rear of the unit, optimizing device portability.

In addition to its performance and flexible use, the DF-550E minimizes ongoing monitoring costs. The non-depleting nature of our Coulometric sensing technology means the only ongoing maintenance requirement is an annual SPAN calibration, with no programmable cell replacement needed.