Methane analyzer / oxygen / carbon dioxide / carbon monoxide


  • Measured entity:

    methane, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, gas

  • Measured value:

    trace, concentration

  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    monitoring, control, process, for hazardous environments, TDL


Utilizing the latest developments in Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) Technology, the LaserSP is a versatile cross-stack monitor capable of making fast and accurate gas measurements in hazardous environments.

Able to detect a variety of gases including O2, HCl, HF, NH3, CO, CO2, H2O, H2S, HCN, CH4 and other hydrocarbons, the LaserSP offers a fast response and highly stable performance, making it ideal for a wide range of emissions, process and combustion control applications. With no moving parts and consumables, Servomex’s advanced TDL technology has minimal sample conditioning requirements, greatly reducing operational and maintenance costs.

Optimized for use in hot dirty or dangerous environments where the process stream itself is flammable , the LaserSP features a robust design and easy installation. Once installed, the LaserSP also requires minimal ongoing maintenance, helping to reduce lifetime operational costs.


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