oxygen analyzer / carbon dioxide / water / gas



  • Measured entity:

    oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, gas

  • Measured value:

    concentration, trace

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    monitoring, simultaneous, nitrous oxide, infrared, zirconia, paramagnetic


The SERVOPRO 4100 is a high performing multigas analyzer designed to provide up to four simultaneous gas stream measurements of oxygen (control and purity), carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and methane.

Specifically designed to address the needs of industrial and medical gas manufacturers, the 4100 can be fitted with a range of high specification sensing technologies – Paramagnetic, Zirconia, Gfx/SBSW Infrared. These proven, stable sensors not only provide highly accurate measurements but offer operational flexibility in a range of industries and applications.

In addition to its considerable monitoring capabilities, the 4100 also provides engineer-friendly interaction through its intuitive LCD menu and low ongoing maintenance requirements;
the non-depleting, high stable sensing technologies help extend maintenance intervals while intelligent functionality such as independent auto-calibration helps to deliver operational efficiencies over a long product life.

Combined, these features and benefits make the 4100 a highly adaptable analysis solution that meets a range of needs.