clutch and brake torque controller / adjustable
Sesame Motor Corp.

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clutch and brake torque controller / adjustable clutch and brake torque controller / adjustable


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    clutch and brake

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Clutch Brake Motor
● Suitable for Highly Frequent Start/ Stop Operation
- Using high precision, highly responsive clutch and brake, most suitable for frequent start/ stop construction.
● Precise Positioning
- When the brake is in use, the clutch will separate the link from the brake, so there are no overruns, making positioning precise and accurate.
● Simple Design
- Adapting compact and space-saving design, making it easy to operate and looking elegant.

A clutch brake is a precision clutch assembled with a brake, suitable for highly frequent start/ stop operation.
After adjoining with a speed reducer, it can easily accomplish actions such as positioning, inch movement and interval transportation.
Insulating Resistance: Tested value at 10MΩ and above, measured by DC 500V Hi-Resistance meter between the coil and housing.
Hi-Pot Resistance: No damages caused after 1kV at 60Hz was tested between the coil and housing.
Product Applications:
Machine Tool Accessories
Cutting Equipment
Bar Feeder
Conveyor Equipment
Packaging Machinery
Food Processing Machinery
Printing Machine
Agricultural Machinery
Medical Equipment