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TGA analyzer / thermo-differential / DSC / thermal
25 - 1 600 °C | LABSYS evo Setaram


  • Technology:

    TGA, DSC, thermal

  • Portability:


  • Other characteristics:



The TGA, DSC and DTA devices support temperature levels from ambient, up to an impressive 1600 degrees Celsius. In addition to being simple to use, because of the ergonomic design and the dedicated market leading software by Calisto which is simple to operate and user friendly, this item is also defined by a wide temperature range and high precision Cp measurement. The unique 3D multiple thermocouples design allows measuring large mass throughout the whole temperature range.

Next, the new top loading balance included in this item is known for the unmatched stability, as well as the reproducability and accuracy of this new balance. Note that the product offers unparalleled TGA data, so if you are looking for high performance, the investment is definitely worthwhile.


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