TGA analyzer / thermal / simultaneous
25 - 1 600 °C | LABSYS evo Setaram

TGA, DTA, DSC and Simultaneous TGA-DTA, TGA-DSC from ambient to 1600°C


- Simplicity of use: thanks to both an ergonomic design and the dedicated market leading Calisto software, LABSYS evo is user friendly and intuitive to operate

- Wide temperature range: TGA with simultaneous DTA or DSC and Cp measurement can be achieved for temperature up to 1 600 °C

- High Precision Cp Measurement: the unique 3D (Calvet type) multiple thermocouples design enables large mass to be measured and to perform a Cp within 2 % , throughout the whole temperature range (ambient – 1 600 °C)

- New top loading balance: the unmatched stability, reproducibility and accuracy of this new balance offer unparalleled TGA data


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