orthogonal gearmotor / planetary / helical / compact



  • Shaft orientation:


  • Type:

    planetary, helical

  • Other characteristics:


  • Product applications:


  • Torque:

    Min.: 100,000 Nm (73,756.2149 ft.lb)

    Max.: 500,000 Nm (368,781.0746 ft.lb)


Many applications in industries such as bulk materials handling or environmental and recycling technology depend on drives with high torques and mean speeds. SEW­EURODRIVE has the solution: a perfectly coordinated unit consisting of planetary gear units and standardized primary bevel-helical gear units.

High torque, high thermal rating
For high torques at mean speeds: the planetary gear units of the P-X series
High torques, mean speeds: P-X series planetary gear units
If you need a compact, cost-effective solution with high thermal ratings, our planetary gear units of the P-X series are the right solution. These standardized, powerful industrial gear units combine planetary gear units of the P series with primary gear units of the proven X series of industrial gear units. As an added benefit, all the mounting options and optional features of the X series are also available for this solution.

The P-X series combines all the advantages of two groundbreaking industrial gear unit concepts. The special optimization of the gear unit housing and the shared oil chamber for both gear units ensure very high thermal ratings.