operator terminal with touch screen / panel-mount / dual-core



  • Interface:

    with touch screen

  • Mounting:


  • Processor:


  • Screen size:

    Max.: 15 in

    Min.: 5.7 in


Drive Operator Terminal DOP offers maximum system visualization, operation and a range of other functions. It is fitted with operator terminals, so that communication between machine and man is simple even for complex processes. A simple button will allows to switch to a new product, thanks to the recipe management function. Either RS 485 connections or Ethernet TCP/IP make serial communication possible. Control functions are taken over by modern drive inverters and controllers. High precision is offered with drive tasks, like positioning, simultaneous operation and the synchronized movement of several drives in relation with each other. As demands on operation, visualization and diagnostics escalate, you can expect better functions with the terminals. The DOP series operator terminals provide functions like recipe management, dual driver function, pass-through mode, or integrated web server .