parallel-shaft gearmotor / helical / shaft-mounted / stainless steel



  • Shaft orientation:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    shaft-mounted, stainless steel

  • Torque:



SEW-EURODRIVE stainless steel gear units protect things from moving, particularly in environments where systems and machines are inclined to extreme cleaning. Regardless of whether these gear units are utilized for hygiene or intralogistic applications or material handling, their everlasting operating life, easy maintenance and hygienic characteristics makes them perfectly suited for specific production conditions in the beverage, pharmaceutical and food industry and also in permanent wet environments. The KESA37 helical-bevel gear units and RESF37 helical gear units are efficiently optimized and are defined by tier special casing design and the heavy duty 304 stainless steel.

The surfaces of these gear units are easy to clean and are immune against alkalis, acids, and corrosion. Recesses that have the tendency to accumulate dirt have been eliminated as much as possible. Variable mounting is made possible thanks to the stainless steel NEMA and IED adapters. The KESA37 helical-bevel gear unit can be ordered in a holy shaft with key as shaft mounted deign, shrink disc with hollow shaft.

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