lithium-ion battery / prismatic / flat
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lithium-ion battery / prismatic / flat lithium-ion battery / prismatic / flat


  • Type:


  • Configuration:

    prismatic, flat

  • Nominal voltage:

    3.6 V


1.High safety performance

Prismatic lithium battery is packaging with aluminum-plastic film. Once potential risks occur, the Li-ion polymer battery will cause air expansion to split at most, will not explode

2.Light weight

With similar capacity prismatic lithium battery is 40% lighter than the steel cased battery , and 20% lighter than aluminum cased battery.

3.Large Capacity

With similar specification and size the capacity of prismatic lithium battery is 10%~15% higher than steel cased battery, and 5%~10% higher than aluminum cased battery. It becoms the prime choice for electric motorcycles and electric vehicles.

4.Low internal resistance

prismatic lithium battery with lower internal resistance than lithium battery. Currently the minimum resistance of prismatic lithium battery could reach lower than 10mΩ,

Which lower temperature rise in the charge and discharge process and extending battery cycle life

5.Flexible design

The shape of prismatic lithium battery could be designed as customer required. In order to make full use of the battery case space and increase the capacity.

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