printed circuit board supercapacitor / module / double-layer / for electronics
SR5R5205Z-L Shandong Goldencell Electronics Technology Co Ltd



  • Configuration:

    for printed circuit boards, module

  • Technical characteristics:


  • Other characteristics:

    for electronics

  • Voltage:

    5,500 mV

  • Capacitance:

    2 F


The SR5R5155Z-L module super capacitors 5.5V have a 1.5F capacity. The capacitors have low internal resistance, high capacitance and excellent consistency, adopting environmentally friendly carbonate electrolytes in their use.

The product has an excellent high temperature load along with high temperature shelving characteristics. These levels are much higher than domestic products. At room temperature, there is good discharge performance with >500,000 cycle times and no maintenance.

The unit is ideal for use as a power source or backup power source for many items including video, CMOS, audio, RAM, camera, VCR, printer, radio, handheld scanner, telephone, computer, television, LED display, electronic buzzer, relay, electric toy, consumer electronics, radio communication device, solar power lamp, LED display screen, hybrid power car, automotive audio, electric tool, etc.