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roller shot blasting machine / for tubes
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    for tubes


QGW Steel Pipe Outer Wall Special Shot Blasting Machine

Product Features:

QG series steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine with high efficiency achieves shot blasting for diameter (Φ16~Φ2800mm) steel pipe outer wall cleaning, with a powerful cleaning function to clear the fixture on the steel pipe surface, the steel pipe surface will show metallic character, achieve an effective clean-up purposes.

Regarding steel pipe with diameter of Φ16~Φ600mm, we adopt V type conveyor which have an angle with steel pipe center line, steel pipe can rotation while going forward.

Regarding steel pipe with diameter of Φ159~Φ2800mm, we adopt roller transmission, angle between roller is adjustable, running speed and rotation speed can be adjustable with large diameter; blasting wheel adopts bottom blasting distribution, it will has higher cleaning efficiency and better cleaning effect.

Shots material circulation purification system takes overflow induction controllable full multi-stage curtain winnowing splitter and special polyester core elevator conveyor, achieves shot material sorting and recycling.

Blasting room adopts multi-layer seal curtain which is suitable for different diameters, shot blasting, dust removal system uses impulse reversal blowing filter cartridge dust collector, dust removal is good, life is long.

Production Application

This series equipment is used for steel pipe anti-corrosion pre-treatment of water,gas,mining ,oil .It also is used for shot blasting of submarine pipe or desert gas pipe.In order to improve surface appearance quality and surface process condition of parts.