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tube shot blasting machine
QGN series Shandong Kaitai Group

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tube shot blasting machine tube shot blasting machine - QGN series


  • Applications:

    for tubes


QGN Steel Pipe Inner Wall Special Shot Blasting Machine

Product Features:

This equipment will blast tube surface though high-speed movement of shots flow, remove oxide skin and other fixture on inner wall, efficiently improve strength of steel pipe, surface corrosion resistance and film adhesion through making surface micro-plastic deformation, eliminate welding stress, thus greatly improving the quality and service life of pipeline overall.

Adopts workpiece rotation and lateral movement supporting parallel mechanism.

Regarding steel pipe with diameter less than 500mm, we adopt shot peening

Regarding steel pipe with diameter larger than 500mm, we adopt shot blasting. We will use steel pipe inner wall special blasting wheel(with hydraulic motor driven, long shots delivery rod to deliver shots), achieve adaptive position of blasting wheel support and adjustable function of blasting position.

Three dust removal model, it has advantages of high filtration, reversal blowing on line and good cleaning effect, etc.

BE full curtain separator, achieve completely separation of shots, slags and dust.

Production Application

This series is used on inner wall shot blasting machine for steel pipe or relative products, to remove oxide scale, welding slag and other debris on surface, showing a metallic luster, and to increase its area of epidermis, in order to do spray and coating on surface, it is widely used in petrochemical, steel, city central heating, water supply and drainage, and other industries.