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Rotating table shot blasting machine / for bulk materials / compact
Q3512, Q3525 Series Shandong Kaitai Group


  • Type:

    rotating table

  • Applications:

    for bulk materials

  • Other characteristics:



Q3512/Q3525 Series Turntable Type Shot Blasting Machine

Product Features:

High production efficiency,good sealing effect,compact structure,convenient loading and unloading.

The layout of blasting wheel could realize multi-point blasting of parts,it is not single point blasting.Any shape and size parts could be effectively cleaning.

Production Application:

It is suitable for cleaning workpiece which is thin,flat and afraid collision.It can also do surface strengthening treatment for workpiece.

Turntable type shot blasting machine is suitable for medium-small type workpiece surface cleaning .It is used for cleaning engine connecting rod,gear,spring and so on.It is widely used for foundry and automobile manufacturing industries.


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